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Deceived and Corrupted

These claims are made after evidence was found from several sources. They involve tracing genetic markers to their place of origin, anthropology studies of behaviour and traditions, linguistics, archaeology of ancient societies, and the relationship of all to the prophecies in the Old Testament that survived the many changes made to that document.

They are also made because of memory of my reincarnation and a link to the Great Power of the Universe. As the Spirit of Creation it has nothing to do with religion but allows it to flourish as a test for those who are connected to it and who have come away from religion. To generate that test it used the 2 beasts of Revelation and it protected their work so that it would not be undone until the end of the time called the 'Day of the Lord'.

There is only one witness to the events that this site deals with and that is the Spirit of Creation. It is in control of all things and it has a plan that results in the end of the world as we know it. Deciphering that plan and obtaining the overall picture was done at the behest of the Spirit and as a result of commissions given to me.

Over the next few pages all will be revealed as bit by bit the story comes together. The best place to start is with the one who has the most influence over the Western World at this time. He was a Roman emperor who sought to control his domain by promoting his attachment to a higher authority while declaring himself the son of God.