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666 Controls the World Order


The Evidence is Everywhere but Hidden

Most will agree that we are in what appears to be the last days. Even without the threat of a major world war hanging over us there is climate change, rising oceans, global warming, and agricultural stress; all of which threaten food production and survival.

These things are proof that God is real and in control of all that happens as it was predicted from the beginning to be so. Visions of future events are another example of how God has a plan and lets us know about it. If the future was unknown and not part of ' that plan such would not be possible. Deja Vu is another example of reincarnation whereby one can be in a place that they already know about.

Old Testament prophecies verify that and are quoted herein to support what has been shown to me. Those who don't believe in a Spiritual presence and Great Creator and the force directing our will may not welcome this discussion

Before reading further one must understand that this story is enormous and it will come out piece by piece. References to prophecies are made because they are from the real God except where they have been altered to fit religious claims.

Before everything is explained about where religious ideologies come from please note that I have full memory of reincarnation and know that heaven and hell are myths. This video supports that claim aa a priest testifies that hell is promoted by the Catholic Church, and others, for power and control:

This video of scientific investigations of reincarnation and indisputable facts also confirm it. Money is the ruler set up by 666 to destroy the world, and God is behind it.

I promise you will understand everything by the end of this site, which was first put up in 1998.

The question is why was reincarnation banned by the Catholic Church during the 5th Century? The answer lies in the fraud of heaven and hell and eternal punishment for sinners. This has been the power behind the success of religious growth.

But unless it is revealed a little at a time the evidence is too overwhelming for the average person to absorb. Those who are caught in the trap of religious deceit need time to contemplate what they learn here and digest it.

For precept must be upon precept; line upon line: here a little and there a little" Isaiah 28:10

Aside from American politics and what dictators and governments are bringing upon the world there are many things responsible for what is coming now.

Diseases and viruses are on the increase and the Zika virus is now on every continent and spreading. Children are at risk of major deformities and in places where war is happening, such as in Syria, children are dying as bombs destroy homes and families.

The oceans are being fished out while massive famine and starvation of many will follow. Along with rivers they are also heavily polluted with plastic, which is responsible for the death of many creatures. This video confirms what is happening: as mother ships process the catch

People who are destroying the environment have no conscience. They are under the impression that the earth will continue to give to them. Their aim is money and nature is the source of their wealth.

The thought that when they die they will live forever in heaven means that they have little or no respect for what happens to the earth. They also may, therefore, not consider the creation as anything other than a mere happening, rather than a great force to nurture our spirituality and a test for our link to the Spirit. My link to the Spirit causes me to feel pain for the destruction at the hands of mankind

The one who established the Catholic Church is to blame for this state. He set up the system to promote its lies and use fear and wealth for its power. It has allowed major crime groups to flourish, such as the Mafia, by promising them forgiveness for their actions.

There is so much happening that one cannot escape the feeling that only when things are brought to a head and the rubbish is expelled can there be healing. That is also what the prophecies point out and this is both the cause and effect of what humanity is now facing. Over centuries of man's control and laws the world has been driven to the point of total collapse.

Nothing is safe right now and there are many who want to see all life extinguished. That is because they have been brainwashed into myths based on the dreams of men and they, therefore, believe in the existence of heaven and hell while praying to statues and idols and following celebrities as they hunger for wealth and fame.

To examine the cause we have many things to understand and consider. This site is dedicated to explaining some of them and to airing the wrongs that have been perpetrated in the name of God.

While they claim to know all about the Divine the religious are the main cause of what is taking place. They promote the false gods of their dreams and the existence of heaven and hell. My reincarnation proves that no such places exist but that experience is overridden by the Catholic Church who banned it in the 5th Century to protect its claim that it has the' keys to heaven and only its own people can go there.

The myths of Babylon are alive and well in religious preaching but anyone with eyes and ears can see that they are wrong. The symbols, laws, festivals, calendar, order of service and instruments were all taken from the Islamic religion of that city and the Church uses them to this day.

So why wouldn't the real God be angry and willing to pour out its retribution over the earth? As one reads through the prophecies and sees the big picture the truth is revealed. The facts are life and the consequences of human activity was all for a purpose as those who are spiritual and seeking the truth are chosen to be saved. The rest will be given to the sword.

A noise shall come to the ends of the earth; for God has a controversy with the nations and will plead with all flesh and give them that are wicked to the sword (Jeremiah 25:31)

The Internet is the Mountain of God promised for the last days (Micah 4:1) It gives God a voice to speak to the world at the same time, as promised in Jeremiah 25:31,33.

The information on the following pages has been given to me over the last thirty years so that everyone can see why the things happening now are coming to pass. The plan of God is laid out in the Old Testament prophecies and they are coming to pass.

Listen to this nun's testimony and get an insight into the real Catholic Church and the work of 666. They induce men into the organisation to be priests and to live as they would in an outside situation. Drink, sex, and slavery of women are practiced behind closed doors. It functions on belief in what is seen, not on reality. Appearances and trust are its keys to success.

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